Ridings v.s. Proportions

October 15, 2008

So, in Canada, our current system is that of Ridings. Basically, you have a person from the different Parties competing for your vote. And all your votes go toward that person. I really really like this system because it basically assigns someone to represent me (and everyone else in the Riding). That is whether I voted for him/her or not.

Some people don’t like this system and they do have valid reasons; no system is perfect. My problem with proportional government is that you vote for the party, and don’t have the choice to include the individual. That is, that the Party will get a certain amount of seats based on the proportions of votes and assign the candidates themselves. This basically makes a Party somewhat like a faceless corporation.

So, what to do. My solution is to keep the Ridings as they sit. But, reform the Senate. Turn the Senate from 100% being appointed, to being proportional representation of the popular vote. Then make the Senate actually relevant.

With the above system in place, we will get a person assigned to us to represent us. I believe this to be imperative to a Democracy. And, we also get a proportional input into the Democratic process. I think this strikes a good balance.

The only problem is working out the details. Well, that and convincing people that it’s a good idea. And then getting it done. Think it’ll happen?



October 10, 2008

The tag line of this on-line show is “For people who love everything about porn… except the sex.” And no, it’s not actual porn; it is true to its tag-line. In fact, the episode currently up there stars Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle)! Well, it also stars Aria Giovanni (nude model, etc). So, there is some genuine authenticity in there as well.

I must say that the acting is wonderful in its horribleness. As in, if he (or she for that matter), was off just a little bit, it wouldn’t have worked. But, everything was spot on. Give it a view. You’ll find yourself laughing non-stop. Enough that perhaps you’ll have to watch it a couple times to get the whole thing.

Firefox 3 Upgrade Bookmark Woes

August 26, 2008

So, I got the upgrade box and clicked update. Problem was that my bookmarks were loaded from an… old back-up. Since, like everybody else, recent missing bookmarks are rather important, I wanted them back. Fortunately, Google pointed the way. These two links (1 + 2) helped me. I used the “Manual deletion method” which worked straight off.

That said, I’m not too enthused about the new look and feel. Perhaps I’ll get used to it, perhaps not. But, to me as a first impression, it looks too much like Safari. We’ll see.

Randy Pausch Passes Away

July 26, 2008

We all knew it was coming. I just didn’t expect to hear the news so soon. Just goes to show how time flies. Randy Pausch has passed away. For those that don’t know who he was, I strongly suggest you Google him. His influence on technology has been profound.

Luckily though, we do have some bits of wisdom from him that aren’t necessarily technology related. He was able to do his “Last Lecture” which isn’t just for the techies out there. The wisdom contained therein would benefit anyone and I strongly suggest watching it.

To Randy Pausch’s family, the world may have lost a great researcher, but you have lost a father and husband. Nothing can compare to that. So, I will just offer my condolences as saying anything more would seem empty.

Aboriginals Snubbed? Not so.

July 18, 2008

It also baffles me just how arrogant the aboriginals of Canada are. This article posted the results of survey that questioned people about the “101 things that define Canada, and 20 that don’t”. The aboriginals didn’t make the list. And now they’re complaining. Colour me shocked.

The main thing that I believe that the aboriginals and there supporters don’t get is that these are the thing that currently define Canada. Please note, that this does NOT include hundreds of years ago events. In fact, I’d say that the French had much more to do with Canada’s development than the aboriginals ever did.

But, lets take a slightly closer look.

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Resistance: Fall of Man On Superhuman

June 30, 2008

When I first ran into Resistance: Fall of Man, I was a little sceptical. I saw some footage, and picked up the box in the store. But, still on the edge. What tipped me to buying it was that it was made by Insomniac Games. Those guys just know what they’re doing, so how badly could they mess it up. Well, they didn’t. Resistance: Fall of Man is a great game and I’m eagerly waiting the second instalment.

But, the reason for this post is just a little bit of chest beating. I beat the thing on the most difficult difficulty setting: Superhuman. Rather tough in parts, but Hard prepared me fairly well. Quite frankly, I was surprised just how easy the final fight was.

Now if only Sony would have reasonable information requirements when signing up for on-line play. Call me paranoid, but I’m not giving them my physical address. American corps have too tragic of a history dealing with people’s private data for me to give that up to them. Especially given the new “laws” in the US and the fact that they don’t need it. If they want my physical location enough to pick the closest server they can geo-locate from my IP address.

Large MKV (h264) File to PS3 MP4

June 7, 2008

This is pretty much an addendum to my previous tutorial on the subject.

Unfortunately, the PS3 doesn’t support 64-bits for large files. So, transcoding to something else was what I used to do for files larger than 4G. Which is rather slow on my older computer. Finally getting somewhat irritated with this, I did some poking and found out about mkvmerge. This is the my solution.

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Obesity in the Workplace

June 3, 2008

So, staying in line with the politically incorrect, here’s a post on Obesity. Yahoo news really seems to (at least) point to articles that fuel the preposterous activist agenda. Here is an article on weight related discrimination in the world place. Gee, looks affecting people and there careers. What a surprise.

Luckily, there’s only a couple quotes that I need from the article to show its absurdity.

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Canada’s Aboriginal Problem

May 30, 2008

This is a little bit of a touchy problem because of politics not because of lack of facts. In fact, the facts point to a truth that the aboriginal community would rather not make it to the public eye. Problem is, that this truth will likely be hidden because the general populace in North America doesn’t have much of a critical eye. I mean, just look at the so called “news media.”

At any rate, this post is because of this article which is light on facts, and heavy on opinion. In fact, it even points people to learn the “facts” from an activist website. Not exactly uncommon in North America and is indicative of the downfall of the education system here.

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The Cell B.E. System Simulator on a Cell B.E. System

May 2, 2008

There are those of us that still only have a 32-bit system. Though there is an i386 version, there is a lack of a 32-bit version for the PPC. But, that isn’t really a problem if one has a PS3 with Linux installed on it. Here I’ll assume that the reader has YDL installed and has been a good developer and selected the development tools when installing the OS. Other than that, I assume nothing else.

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