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It’s an Early MKV to PS3 MP4 Christmas

December 2, 2009

So, once finished with the mpeg4ip fiasco (see here), I thought it was time to do some work on MKV to PS3 MP4. There is now an additional feature! Namely, the ‘Fix Audio’ option. You can grab it here.

Essentially, some people complained that with certain files the audio came out as static. I came across a reported solution to this problem and implemented it in the script. Basically, instead of doing mkv audio to aac, it does mkv audio to wav to aac. So, it takes longer and requires more HD space, but the audio reportedly comes out fine.

The other things that were done are under the hood (though it may help some people). What the Python people did was put out a warning that they are going to get rid of a function that I used. So, I changed that to the replacement. As such, people who had problems with ‘command not found’ errors (sorry, can’t reproduce the error means can’t fix it) should try this update and see if it works.

So, in summary, a new feature and increased longevity. Hope you guys like and let me know via the issues page if something goes horribly wrong.

Have a happy holidays!


It’s a MKV to PS3 MP4 Christmas

December 25, 2008

Having some time, motivation and being the Holidays, I decided to do some more work on my MKV to PS3 MP4 script; I implemented my large file support tutorial. So, no more fiddling with the command-line getting things to work (expect for running the program itself… for now).

This marks a milestone in the scripts development. So, instead of having revision numbers, we’ve finally reached version 0.1. It can be downloaded here.

Hope you like your gift. Have a happy holidays.

MKV (h264) File to PS3 MP4 Scripted (Updated 2008-12-25)

October 19, 2008

For the past little while I’ve been scripting my first tutorial and over the past little while its worked. It has advantages over other scripts that I’ve seen such as, proper identification of the video track and its FPS. I’ve also compensated for ffmpeg’s multiple naming of the aac codec name and taken this whole process off the command line into the realm of the GUI.


Large MKV (h264) File to PS3 MP4

June 7, 2008

This is pretty much an addendum to my previous tutorial on the subject.

Unfortunately, the PS3 doesn’t support 64-bits for large files. So, transcoding to something else was what I used to do for files larger than 4G. Which is rather slow on my older computer. Finally getting somewhat irritated with this, I did some poking and found out about mkvmerge. This is the my solution.


Converting an MKV (h264) File to PS3 MP4 Without Re-encoding on Mac OS X

January 26, 2008

I searched a *long* time on the net trying to find out how to convert a HD mkv file to an MP4 file for play on the PS3 without re-encoding on Mac OS X. Couldn’t find anything that didn’t cost any money which was rather irritating; lots of question, not really any answers.

But, what I did find was how to do it on Linux. Which was great because through MacPorts, we on OS X have access to many of the same tools. Unfortunately, I had to spend a significant amount of time to patch work the different tutorials and tweek them to work on OS X. So, hopefully this will save some other poor soul some frustration.