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Firefox 3 random freezes

October 30, 2008

This has been one of the most annoying things for me lately. As in, randomly, Firefox would just freeze and trash the HDD. Or it would take forever the log back in after the screen saver kicked in. The result would always be that I had to kill the process and restart Firefox. But, now there seems to be a solution. So, I’m documenting it here so it remains where I can reach it. We’ll see if it works after some testing time.

From the address bar, goto: about:config. Then use ‘urlclassifier’ for the filter. What we are looking for is ‘urlclassifier.updatecachemax’. Mine was set to -1 which means unlimited. Set it to 104857600 (100MB).

If this ‘urlclassifier.updatecachemax’ doesn’t exist right-click on any white-space and select new->integer. Put urlclassifier.updatecachemax for the name and 104857600 for the value.

Once one of the above is done a restart is needed to apply the changes. Hopefully, this will result in a freeze free Firefox. If not, either the fix doesn’t work or some tweaking with the value setting is needed.

UPDATE: Performance improved and it hasn’t frozen while being used yet. But, while returning from after the screen-saver kicked in, it did freeze. So, this is just a partial fix, or I need to lower the that number more. We’ll see.

UPDATE: I just had a total freeze of FF. Did nothing special beside switching windows. So, this doesn’t seem to fix the issue at all. All it does is give you some control over the frequency of the freezes.


Firefox 3 Upgrade Bookmark Woes

August 26, 2008

So, I got the upgrade box and clicked update. Problem was that my bookmarks were loaded from an… old back-up. Since, like everybody else, recent missing bookmarks are rather important, I wanted them back. Fortunately, Google pointed the way. These two links (1 + 2) helped me. I used the “Manual deletion method” which worked straight off.

That said, I’m not too enthused about the new look and feel. Perhaps I’ll get used to it, perhaps not. But, to me as a first impression, it looks too much like Safari. We’ll see.