It’s a MKV to PS3 MP4 Christmas

Having some time, motivation and being the Holidays, I decided to do some more work on my MKV to PS3 MP4 script; I implemented my large file support tutorial. So, no more fiddling with the command-line getting things to work (expect for running the program itself… for now).

This marks a milestone in the scripts development. So, instead of having revision numbers, we’ve finally reached version 0.1. It can be downloaded here.

Hope you like your gift. Have a happy holidays.


13 Responses to “It’s a MKV to PS3 MP4 Christmas”

  1. Bender Says:

    Nice, thanks alot! I love it

  2. l33t speak Says:

    Me too pal…Please keep it up 😉

    Cmon the rest of you, show some support for this project.

  3. dexmus Says:


    Well done and thanks a lot. Until now I used mkvtools and it re-encoded the vide, took a long time, and the end result was darker too..Finally yesterday I found your script, and it works great


  4. Thomas Says:

    Post(s) deleted per request.

    But, no Thomas, my “language” does not say more about me than about you. I had a natural reaction to grossly inappropriate behaviour on *your* part. I’ll also point out that you again lied about your motivations for posting what you did. I find it sad that you still can’t come to terms with what you explicitly stated in your initial post. All in all, if you don’t want such things to be levelled against you, then think before you post next time. Because, you earned what you got whether you know it or not.

  5. Brett Says:

    You are absolutely outstanding! I’ve been working through all of your steps in your tutorial to convert my files for the past month or so… and now I’ve found this. This is so awesome. Thank you very much for this. I bow in your presence!

  6. Brett Says:

    One quick question, does this take into account a file with DTS audio by any chance? If not would you happen to know the proper command to convert DTS audio to AAC with ffmpeg?

  7. Odd Man Out Says:

    The audio thing is weird. When it comes to DTS/5.1, it depends. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I haven’t figured out what causes things to crap out. I also couldn’t really do any testing even if I wanted to as I’m stuck with the stereo speakers that are in my TV.

    So, the most honest thing that I can say is try it, it will work more often then not. If it doesn’t work, then I don’t know what to tell you. Though, this tutorial:

    Is something I’ve been considering integrating into my program for some time. Just can’t test the thing properly as I don’t have 5.1 audio capabilities. So, it hasn’t exactly been a priority. Especially, since I’d have to go through the pain of figuring out the fine details that are often different for even the same program on the same platform, but different versions. Or the same program but different platforms resulting in even different switches. That link above is about doing it on Linux btw (i.e. OS X has no MP4Box nor NeroAacEnc and faac behaves weird on OS X in my experience).

    At any rate, if my program doesn’t work for you for some files, then it’s an alternative. If you keep the output from my program then you can delete the audio track from the mp4 using mp4creator and just create and add the generated audio track from that tutorial to the mp4.

    I’d be interested in the exact process that works on OS X. That is, assuming it works on OS X. Because, if it works, then I’ll integrate it into my program. And having someone figure out the exact process manually first (and documenting it) for OS X would be wonderful.

    If you do it, and want to, you could email me (my email address is my user name on the project site) the process and I’ll do my best to quickly get it into mkvtops3mp4. And of course, you’d get credit for it 🙂

  8. Randy Says:

    Just made the leap all at once into HD, Mac, and media center in general and found your tutorials. Thanks for taking the time to post your steps and work that you’ve created, it’s very helpful. One thing I ran into last night that I haven’t seen anyone else mention yet is that both movies I’ve tried (mkv with H.264/AC3) so far end up having the audio not match the video by about half a second. So, people’s mouths move without hearing any words for a bit. Have you run into this sort of delay, is it a setting I can be looking at within the python script to pass during the re-encode of the audio to AAC?

    Thanks again!

  9. Odd Man Out Says:

    This might be hard to believe (because of your experience), but out of sync audio is relatively rare. At least in my experience that is. Out of the years that I’ve been converting, I can count on one hand that this has happened to me and it’s been a long time since its happened. So, it’s not a feature that is in this script nor will be; I like to keep things simple when I can.

    That being said, this is an issue that pops up from time to time. There are ways to re-sync the audio with various tools. How you go about it really depends on why the audio is out of sync. The two main cases are going to be, if the audio is out of sync in the source file, or just in the resultant mp4. Then google for ‘audio sync’ and tack on ‘mkv’ or ‘mp4’ to the search terms as the case may be. Also, the people on the forums have also proven friendly and resourceful. So, you’ll probably have better luck asking there.

    Good luck!

  10. Brett Says:

    Admin Edit:

    I find it absolutely stunning what people think passes for appropriate conduct on this blog. That being what this is, a blog. It’s not here so people can have profound discussions or any such thing. That is what (web) forums are for. Blog comments are for comments pertaining to the specific blog post that the comments are attached to.

    Yet what has this specific blog post had in its comments? First Thomas posts a link to something that would “replace” my script. But, what it ended up being is nonsense. Now, we have Brett. He posts a link to another script that does the same thing as mine does, except for the fact that if one actually reads the page he linked to, when it comes to the PS3 it is not only beta-ware, but not tested. Not to mention that on PPC machines it’ll be buggy because that guy/gal uses a program that messes up low complexity aac audio (periodically). So, this script really isn’t much of an option either. But, Brett says, it’s free to use. Well, you can see my source code and it’s licensed under the exceedingly liberal BSD license. What, is that not free?

    In all honesty, I’m getting really *really* sick of people pimping other people projects/work/etc on my blog. If you want to do that, do it on a web forum. This is NOT the place do it. It’s insulting and rude. Not to mention the fact that there has yet to have been one viable alternative to what my script does. Seriously, check out what you’re pimping BEFORE you post. But, don’t post it here. Post it on a web forum somewhere else where it’d actually be appropriate to do so. But, that checking is *really* important. Because, if you’re wrong, that can be quite embarrassing.

  11. T Minus Says:

    I keep getting an error “Can’t find executable: mp4creator”

    From what I can tell, it was meant to be installed when I installed mpe4ip but it doesn’t exist in the bin directory.

    I have no idea how to compile and install from the source code (for mp4creator).

    Any tips?

  12. Odd Man Out Says:

    I/We am/are working the problem. I’ll post a new blog when a solution is found.

  13. mp4creator Resubmission « Just Another Odd Man Out Says:

    […] Just Another Odd Man Out Just another weblog « It’s a MKV to PS3 MP4 Christmas […]

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