Abusive Language?!?!

There seems to be some really big problems with Yahoo’s filter when it comes to comments posted on there news stories. Because, what I attempted to post in no way contained “abusive language.” Yet, Yahoo told me that it was. Sad.

So, all this was due to someone claiming to be “Prof. Godfrey.” Who on this story posted:

I have to chuckle at the breathtaking ignorance and right-wing fundamentalist nonsense that passes for logical discourse (see mervin, finnegan, Moose, etc.) here. They are clearly trying to compete with a lifetime of my own research and professorship. If you need more ‘convincing’, not only did I graduate from the best linguistics university in the world, but was a “gifted” student in THE MOST DIFFICULT FIELD IN ACADEMIA – LINGUISTICS.Intelligence is based on linguistico-mathematical criteria.

And this is not arrogance or insecurity caused by a “superior intelligence”…hahahahahahahahahahaha. The facts about drugs have been presented in full here by the objective amongst you, but those that wish life into what they like to believe and see, you will not understand even what objectivity is…nor what constitutes “intelligence”.

Not exactly conduct becoming a University Professor. So, the response that I tried to post was:

Prof. Godfrey, from your conduct I highly doubt you’re a Prof. You’re most likely some teenager attempting to usurp authority you don’t have.

Linguistics is certainly not the most difficult of all of Academia. The most difficult are the “holy trinity” of logical thought: Mathematics, Physics and Philosophy. These subjects are the ones that require the highest level of critical thought. You’d be hard pressed to find someone to say otherwise that actually knows what they are talking about.

Yahoo’s reply to the submission was:

Oops! The comment you entered contained abusive language. Please re-enter and try again.

Can anyone tell me what Yahoo is referring to? Because, I just don’t see it. I don’t see how my post gets blocked, but “Prof. Godfrey”s posts, laughing at people, gets his through.


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