XNA Creators Club

Now, I’m going to prefix this with the typical, I hate M$. They’ve done so much to damage the industry it isn’t funny. But, with XNA Creators Club, they’ve earn a lot of points in my book.

For years, I wanted to get my hands on a console to see what I could do with it. Unfortunately, Linux PS3 is just a toy, not to mention encumbered with the horrid [L]GPL garbage. Then Sony comes out with a “lite” way to get on board. Unfortunately, as I recall, it cost about $10k to get on board. And when I looked into it, I had to apply, including company information, game information, previous successfully completed projects, etc. So, including the possibility of getting rejected, the PS3 hardly offers something for Indie game developers. Or at least those that have yet to become established. Wiiware is somewhat similar. Except the fact that I couldn’t find any real information on it aside from it was cheaper that what Sony was offering.

Basically, both the above have fairly high barriers to get involved. Hardly something a company wants to do if they actually want titles for those systems. I mean, how much resources could it really take to release a “lite” version of a development studio and automate the sign-up process. At that point, who care if a low percentage actually finish a project? Bandwidth is cheap. Especially, when it’s pretty much a download once type thing (or few and far between).

But, M$ has finally made a good decision and in doing so, they’ve clobbered there competition. It’s things like this that make me want to go out and get a XBox 360 and the required membership to get going. That would cost a mere ~$300 (XBox + 1yr membership). Hell, I looked up the requirements and I even have a computer sitting idle that would run XP (doubt it’ll run Vista). Though, I would certainly need a better video card. So, perhaps a $500 investment and I’m developing. That’s a really really tempting thought and if I had that kind of money lying around…

So, all I have to say is this. Kudos MS. You certainly deserve a pat on the back for this one.


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