Ridings v.s. Proportions

So, in Canada, our current system is that of Ridings. Basically, you have a person from the different Parties competing for your vote. And all your votes go toward that person. I really really like this system because it basically assigns someone to represent me (and everyone else in the Riding). That is whether I voted for him/her or not.

Some people don’t like this system and they do have valid reasons; no system is perfect. My problem with proportional government is that you vote for the party, and don’t have the choice to include the individual. That is, that the Party will get a certain amount of seats based on the proportions of votes and assign the candidates themselves. This basically makes a Party somewhat like a faceless corporation.

So, what to do. My solution is to keep the Ridings as they sit. But, reform the Senate. Turn the Senate from 100% being appointed, to being proportional representation of the popular vote. Then make the Senate actually relevant.

With the above system in place, we will get a person assigned to us to represent us. I believe this to be imperative to a Democracy. And, we also get a proportional input into the Democratic process. I think this strikes a good balance.

The only problem is working out the details. Well, that and convincing people that it’s a good idea. And then getting it done. Think it’ll happen?


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