Aboriginals Snubbed? Not so.

It also baffles me just how arrogant the aboriginals of Canada are. This article posted the results of survey that questioned people about the “101 things that define Canada, and 20 that don’t”. The aboriginals didn’t make the list. And now they’re complaining. Colour me shocked.

The main thing that I believe that the aboriginals and there supporters don’t get is that these are the thing that currently define Canada. Please note, that this does NOT include hundreds of years ago events. In fact, I’d say that the French had much more to do with Canada’s development than the aboriginals ever did.

But, lets take a slightly closer look.

Aboriginals currently comprise of approx. 3% of Canada’s population. So, how does 3% of anything define that in which it is a part of? Or even play any where near a significant part? Point of fact, it doesn’t. Saying it does is like saying that the change in your pocket comprises a significant portion of your monthly wage.

What have the French done for Canada? Well, when Britain beat the French and took over Canada, they noticed that the French by far out numbered the Brits. So, the Brits wisely declared that the new laws were the exact same as the old laws. Lest the French notice this and there be a bloody revolt. It was this that is arguably the defining cultural moment of the “lets work together” mentality that Canada is well known for. It has also started a working example of a functioning multicultural society.

But, again, all this is history. It isn’t today. Today we have aboriginals as 3% of the total population were the bulk sit of reserves (and/or on Welfare) doing absolutely nothing with there lives. Also, a good percentage of those that leave the reservation to get an education return to it. But, not as people to help out by bring back expertise, but rather as there previous position as residents. That may not be politically correct to say, but if the aboriginals want what is current truth, that’s what they get.

The only thing that’s going to happen if we do what they want which is, “That’s some of things that should be talked about on a regular basis and taught in schools.” is to brain-wash our youth into thinking that the aboriginals did something that they didn’t do. That, to me, is rather a repulsive thought if only for its academic dishonesty and lack of reality.


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