The Cell B.E. System Simulator on a Cell B.E. System

There are those of us that still only have a 32-bit system. Though there is an i386 version, there is a lack of a 32-bit version for the PPC. But, that isn’t really a problem if one has a PS3 with Linux installed on it. Here I’ll assume that the reader has YDL installed and has been a good developer and selected the development tools when installing the OS. Other than that, I assume nothing else.

Go here and download the system simulator (systemsim-cell-3.0-22.ppc64.rpm). Of course, copy that over to the PS3. Then ssh into your PS3 Linux machine and:

yum install tk*

rpm –install systemsim-cell-3.0-22.ppc64.rpm

Not done yet though. With just this install, we’ll get an error: could not find sysroot_disk file. Which is rather irritating. So, go and download and install the missing sysroot_image.

This should complete the system. Well, at least to the point where it’ll run. But, when invoking it, we need to do:

export SYSTEMSIM_TOP=/opt/ibm/systemsim-cell;/opt/ibm/systemsim-cell/bin/systemsim -g

As it apparently needs to know where it is. So, execute the above command and start having fun.

NOTE: If I have any more issues I fix the install here. Otherwise I’ll post other configuration stuff in another post.


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