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Canada’s Aboriginal Problem

May 30, 2008

This is a little bit of a touchy problem because of politics not because of lack of facts. In fact, the facts point to a truth that the aboriginal community would rather not make it to the public eye. Problem is, that this truth will likely be hidden because the general populace in North America doesn’t have much of a critical eye. I mean, just look at the so called “news media.”

At any rate, this post is because of this article which is light on facts, and heavy on opinion. In fact, it even points people to learn the “facts” from an activist website. Not exactly uncommon in North America and is indicative of the downfall of the education system here.



The Cell B.E. System Simulator on a Cell B.E. System

May 2, 2008

There are those of us that still only have a 32-bit system. Though there is an i386 version, there is a lack of a 32-bit version for the PPC. But, that isn’t really a problem if one has a PS3 with Linux installed on it. Here I’ll assume that the reader has YDL installed and has been a good developer and selected the development tools when installing the OS. Other than that, I assume nothing else.