Jessi, Heidi, Feminism and You

Sorry, Jessi. But, if you do two stupid things in one week… Quite frankly, I’m rather disappointed in Jessi as she’s proven herself to be a smart and witty person with an uncanny ability to give good interviews. That is, until something even remotely encroaching “feminism” coming into play. Then all the above gets tossed out the window and we get varying levels of insanity. But, onto the actual story.

Well, to start lets put out there what feminism actually was to begin with. That being, “to not be limited in any respect due to gender.” This is of course an honourable goal and one that has basically been accomplished. As in, there exists an entire legal structure to protect these rights. Not to mention that attitudes have changed drastically and really really quickly in the past few decades. Give it a couple more and things should be as good as they’ll get. Time is really the only thing left to do i.e. we have to wait for things to change that last little bit.

Now why do we need to “just wait”? Well, societies (and individuals) have a way of putting up significant resistance to things that are forced. If you don’t believe me, just try to force someone to do something that they don’t want to do who is a strong person. Anyway, the initial resistance for equal rights for women was defeated decades ago by some very brave people (basically all of them being women) and the rest is just letting the dominoes fall. Besides, the places where women might still be unwelcome are few and far between today. Not to mention almost entirely existing in hard to reach places (for anyone btw). What that means for you young ones, is that by the time you reach a point where this will effect you, it won’t really effect you (if at all).

Now from the general to the more specific. Jessi gave light to the fact that Heidi from The Hills is being touted as a Feminist Icon. I agree with Jessi that this is just plain nonsense. Being hit with a clue stick temporarily giving you a normal persons mental faculties does not a Feminist Icon make. But, that’s pretty much where our agreement ends.

To not allow people to be a feminist if they have had surgical alterations to there body is nonsense. Feminism was also about choice. And not allowing certain people from being a feminist because they’ve decided to make certain choices defeats the whole purpose of choice. To not allow people people from being a feminist if they use there sexuality in some video (even if – imo it is – embarrassing) is nonsense (see prior choice comment). To not allow people from being a feminist if they don’t have some “feminist hero” (are we eight?), again, nonsense because of the nature of what feminism is. What is feminism? It’s an ideology. The only thing that this says is that she hasn’t looked into the history of feminism. Which may or may not be bad.

So, let’s make a bit of a contrast. I’m into three subjects that can give the desired picture of reality needed: Mathematics, Physics and Computer Programming/Science. While studying these fields you can’t escape getting to know the names of some of the greats. Why? Because, much of the Theorems/Principles/Theories/etc are named after the one(s) who discovered them. Think, Fermat’s Last Theorem, The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and Turing Machines. To be certain, many many more examples exist. But, there’s the rub now isn’t it. One has to study these subjects to know anything about them because it takes a profound amount of knowledge and skill to enter into them. One can’t just start talking about a Field without knowing a fair bit about them. Being a feminist on the other hand… not so much. Chatting with your girlfriends is all that is really needed. Or, if you’re one of the few sensible ones in North America, all that is needed is making decisions as if gender didn’t matter (which sensible girls will do anyway).

So, no Jessi, you don’t have to be a feminist historian to be a feminist. In fact, you don’t even have to consider yourself a feminist to be one. Which is what I think really happened. Heidi didn’t even consider this possibility because feminism isn’t one of her “things.” She just lives her life the way she thinks it should to be lived and for some reason someone thought that she had become a modern day feminist icon. She then got caught in a question that she couldn’t answer. So, what?

In my opinion, what she should have said was something along the lines of, “I don’t have one. I just live my life not considering gender when making my decisions.” If that isn’t good enough for people, the sod them. It’s good enough for people that think.

But, a comment on one of the reasons Jessi mentioned that Heidi was apparently a feminist. Namely, that she put her career before her personal life. This is profound stupidity. No-one should put there career before there personal life. Similarly, no-one should put there personal life before there career. This little bit of wisdom is called balance. And if your life doesn’t have it, you’re going to have problems. One should notice that I jumped from women to both genders here.

With regards to relationships, putting your career before your personal relationships gives very bad habits. What is typically happening today is that people (notice the gender neutral) think that they can focus on there career totally until some point and then after that they can settle down, find someone, get the spouse, kids, etc; the whole package. Well, this does won’t happen (in general).

What will happen is that as they get older and there social circle will get smaller and smaller. They’ll go out less and tend to go to bars when they do. So, they lessen there chances to find someone in more ways than one (bars aren’t exactly good place to start a relationship). They’ll also develop “normal” work hours which aren’t exactly compatible with having a successful relationship. And you can’t exactly go to your boss and tell him/her that you want a relationship, so you’re not going to work insane hours any more. That’s how to get fired or forced out or…

In other words, you can’t just flip a switch one day and become the type of person that’s open and ready to find that spouse. The world doesn’t work like that. What will happen is habits, ruts and the near impossibility of getting out of that.

But, all this brings up a good point about how feminism has become corrupt in North American society. Namely, that women looked at double standards and thought to do just what the men do because they can. Well, yes you can. But, it still doesn’t make it a good idea. For instance, the sleeping around thing. Yes, men can do it to a point and be considered a hero whereas women get called a slut. But, does that mean that women should be able to be considered a hero (or simply not be called a slut)? In my opinion, women should continue to be called a slut BUT, men should be as well. And getting that done is as simple as the ladies keeping there legs closed and not thinking they can tame the “bad boy.” Well, that and recognising “the player.” And with paying attention can largely nip that one in the bud.

At any rate, that’s all I have time for on this one. So, I publish it, warts and all.


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