Kitzmiller v. Dover

A couple weeks ago I watched a Nova program called, Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial. It was one of the most beautiful things that I have seen in the fight against religion in the Science classroom. So much so, it is something that I have been telling everyone I talk to, to watch since.

But, yesterday I found out something absolutely wonderful. PBS has been kind enough to make the show available online for free! For the readers in the crowd, see also the full text of Judge Jones ruling.

Of course this ruling has been highly criticised by “those people.” The chief criticism being that he was an “activist judge”. Well, quite frankly, I don’t find a Republican Judge, who was recommended by a Republican (who openly supports ID), who was appointed by G.W.B (another ID supporter and well… enough said), who banned the sale of a beer in an entire state because the mascot was giving the finger in an ad, and who also is a “church goer”, an activist. Though I have yet to read the Discovery Institutes response to this ruling (because it is only available for purchase), I have read some criticism of the ruling. So far, without exception, all that is in such criticism is the same lack of critical thought, completely ignoring reality and the facts, that one would expect from extreme fundamental nutters. It really is exceedingly sad to see such things in today’s society.

At any rate, score one for the good guys!


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