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Dead Like Me… Again!!!

November 19, 2007

Everyone that watches actual good TV (i.e. not that reality crap) will remember Dead Like Me. Like many actually good TV shows, it was messed around with (seriously, just watch season 2) and met with an untimely end. Well, I thought that was it. That all was lost and I’d never see anymore of it. Apparently, I was wrong.

I was looking up another movie that’s currently on and stumbled upon Dead Like Me (movie?)!!!

It’s currently listed as filming and will be released Jan 1, 2008. I personally think that’s a bit ambitious given that they’re still filming. Then again, these things aren’t necessarily accurate. So, here’s hoping!

But, the best for last: the cast. Though the character Rube isn’t in the film (replaced by another head reaper), the only change in cast is Daisy. All others seem to be there. It’s such a beautiful thing that even the more supporting cast is still there. The characters Delores Herbig (as in her big brown eyes) and the almost creepy secretary Crystal are both played by the same actresses!

But, I really am irked about the Daisy character. Personally, I think that if they couldn’t get Laura Harris back on board, then they should have just done away with the character. She just has a presence about her that just draws you to her. Something that is quite unique and can’t be replaced. We’ll see how that pans out though.

But, that’s as far as I dare look into it as I want things to remain somewhat not ruined.

All in all, it looks like it’ll be good times. I can’t wait!!!


Why (Fan) Projects Fail Part 1: Introduction

November 18, 2007

Well, I’ve been involved in a few fan projects and a couple non-fan ones. My level of involvement ranges from just submitting a patch, to founding, from technical to social. I’ve also seen some nastiness that has dissolved projects that I haven’t been directly involved in.

I’ve come to the conclusion that projects fail for very very common reasons. It has absolutely nothing to do with what fandom is involved or even what the project is. The problems are human in nature. This shouldn’t surprise anyone and it certainly doesn’t surprise me. But, this is a fortunate thing because it allows a general discussion.

What will be found in this (hopefully) series of essays is coverage of the different ways that projects can fail and perhaps some suggestions (or even a check-list). The thought is that just having what I consider the main problems listed, should at least help.

The next post, will be about the beginning of a project: Founding and Leadership. Until then…